Positioned for explosive growth over the next few years,

Champion Forest Baptist Church is a multicultural, multi-lingual, and multi-campus church in Northwest Houston.

The best decision they've ever made, says Executive Pastor Chris Todd, "was to move their church management systems over to Rock." He continued, "It's been the single best church management system we've used, its real power is in its ability to be customized and Simple Donation has been helpful in making those tweaks to increase efficiency even more." Using Simple Donation has relieved stress from the accounting department and saves up to 6 hours per week when batching reports and setting up registration for new events. "Within a month, the accounting team was ecstatic at how little work it was and how it made their lives and work easier" Todd stated.

"Using Simple Donation has relieved stress from the accounting department."

Chris Todd

Executive Pastor
Champion Forest Baptist Church

He learned of Simple Donation while attending a session held at a Rock conference and immediately recognized an air of authenticity, even if they were making big promises "that frankly were too good to be true" says Todd. He was reassured that it works and it works clean. When he decided to engage Simple Donation from an event registration perspective he recalled that it was fast and easy. "I called on a Tuesday and by Wednesday at 4 o'clock I think we were fully set up and ready to go."

Todd feels that their relationship with Simple Donation is more of a partnership rather than vendor, and access to development and decision makers is a huge plus. "The proactive notion of Simple Donation has helped us in ways that we didn't even know we needed and it created another level of efficiency." he says. "Simple Donation under promises and over delivers... The guys have always delivered what they promised, they've been very willing to work with us and the system's reliable and easy."

"They under promise and over deliver."