As an early adopter of online credit processing and giving,

The Crossing had switched to Rock but kept their current provider in order to retain their recurring givers, but it was still difficult. So when Jim Michael saw Simple Donation in action he recognized the value and knew that he had to convince the church to switch yet again. "What makes Simple Donation a value to us is that it's just easy... We signed up and in like 30 minutes we were texting in and getting donations".

"What makes Simple Donation a value to us is that it's just easy."

Jim Michael

IT Manager @ The Crossing

"We're just looking for a value."

Simple Donation not only offered simplicity in the migration process but also made it easier for the congregation to give through text-to-give options. Aside from that, Simple Donation cut down the amount of time he and his team spent reconciling donations.

"Simple Donation coerces all the transactions into weekly batches. You compare that to the other gateway that we were currently using and it's just night and day." Time is valuable, and at the end of the day the value Simple Donation brought to the table was worth it. "We're not looking for the absolute cheapest transaction processing, we’re just looking for a value. And we feel like we're getting that with Simple Donation."