Church leaders need actionable information to make good decisions.

Simple Donation's Giving Analytics Dashboard provides that information.

Many giving providers provide analytics dashboards that are limited to the data in their system. This limits the data that you have available to analyze to only part of the picture or requiring you to add information to their system.

Some vendors pull your data from Rock to populate giving analytics outside of Rock. With Simple Donation, your giving analytics is based on all of the data present in your instance of RockRMS and is visible and actionable directly within Rock.
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Key Benefits of Simple Donation's Analytics

  • Immediately and easily see short and long term trends
  • Track changes in givers, giving and amounts given and more
  • Drill down to the people and transactions within the dashboard
  • Identify first time givers, second time givers, consistent givers, scheduled givers, lapsed givers, and unlapsed givers
  • Track givers by giving tier/band to see people's progress to increasing levels of commitment
  • Forecast expected giving for the current month
  • Filter by day, campus, and giving tier/band
  • Export content to csv file for further analysis as needed

Not only is this analysis tool available on day-one for your use, but we work directly with your team to create custom reports directly within your RockRMS instance according to your specifications. No ask is too big!

Simple Donation Analytics

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