Simple Donation simplifies switching.

Many churches have experienced the pain of migrating from one giving provider to another. Having to have your contributors log in to the old system, cancel their gift there, log in to the new system and create a new gift there. Not having a good way to manage the process and know who has completed and who hasn't. Many churches take six months to a year or longer. It's so painful that many churches vow never to change again.

Don't let anyone fall through the cracks!
We make sure that everyone makes it in!

We've helped numerous churches migrate from their former giving provider and the process is easier than they expected. Don't take it from us, listen to them:


Simple Donation is right by your side to help make the transition away from a former giving provider easy for your RockRMS team. Not only do we import your previous gifts directly into your RockRMS instance for you, but we give you tools to track the transition of those recurring givers so that everyone makes it over quickly and easily.

We work directly with your team to create custom email templates in order to communicate this important change to the givers that mean the most to your organization.

Key Features of Simple Donation’s migration

  • For cooperative giving providers - the ability to migrate without any action by donors
  • Quick and easy confirmation of previous gift; the donor simply confirms their credit card or bank transaction payment method
  • Custom communication template built into Rock
  • Migration process tracking - status page built in RockRMS
  • Migration process breakers reporting and alerts to finance staff
  • New payment notfication emails sent to finance staff upon each gift confirmation
Simple Donation Recurring Gifts Migration Progress

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